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MIT has a school leadership program called Ambassadors. Ambassadors are a group of students (10-15), from all grade levels, that work together to better our school and make sure that student vice and perspective is provided in all school affairs. Ambassador members get involved in school-wide activities, and serve the school by planning school activities, making posters to keep students informed, fundraise, volunteer in community events, and learn leadership skills. 

Yearbook: At Mt. Olive Innovation and Technology High School students are able to participate in the creation of the yearbook. Students learn basic principles of yearbook production and in the process they are introduced and develop the skills of writing, expression, headlines, digital photography, publishing, and creative design. In addition, they also are exposed and are able to expand their knowledge of appropriate technology tools for media production. At the end of the class, students recognize their progress by designing and producing a 40 page hardcover yearbook.