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Attendance Accounting

In the continuation or alterative school, the attendance accounting is done on a positive attendance basis. This means, that a student must be accounted for during each of the three hours he/she is scheduled to be in class. If the student is only there for one hour, then the school only receives credit for one hour, rather than the full day, which is this 3 hours per day/15 hours per week for alternative education. If a student is scheduled to attend classes for more than 3 hours each/15 hours each week, the school can only claim credit for the first 15 hours of attendance each week.

Note: Students will marked PRESENT if at school, in class or not per education code.



Attendance Policy


1. Parents have 3 days to call the Office Manager to excuse your son / daughter's absence.

2. If your child is sick for more than 3 days, they must bring in a doctor's note in order for the absence to be excused.

3. If a student has more than 3 unexcused absences, MIT will send your first truancy letter to your home mailing address.

4. If your child has 6 or more unexcused absences, you will received a second truancy letter.

5. If you child has 9 or more unexcused absences, they will receive a third truancy letter and it will be placed in SART and SARB.